Manage your own weblog without even opening a browser

BlogJet is a weblog client for Windows that allows you to manage your blog without opening a browser. Designed for those who are more concerned with the editing and maintenance of their blog, rather than tinkering about with lots of code, the application boasts a number of useful features to improve the management of your blog.

Easy to use

The program's intuitive Account Wizard helps you to create a new blog or use an existing one with BlogJet (it supports almost all leading blog services).

Furthermore, the intuitive smart interface of BlogJet will help you to start using the program right away.

Rich word processor

The built-in word processor allows you to format your posts according to your tastes and needs, without needing any specialist skills.

From changing colors and fonts, through underlining, italicizing or making a text bold, everything can be performed with just one click or by pressing a combination of hotkeys.

Add fun elements

If you want to add some fun to your blog, there are 20 high-quality smileys and the Now Playing feature, which detects the name of the artist and the song title for the track being currently played in Windows Media Player, Winamp, or iTunes.

It can even insert a link to this song in iTunes Music Store, so that readers can buy your favorite music.

Voice attachments

Take a microphone and record your voice, which can then be attached to your post and uploaded to your blog.

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